Wisdom of the Unknown

Asdosoram, a word forged by the proud Dwarfs long before the Council saw fit to mould us from creation and let us loose. Those jealous of our splendor figure this their largest error but it was not long ago where all looked upon us as beasts no different from the Orc scourge. They say many moons ago there walked an ancient Elf, too long she lingered on Asdosoram, far longer than any Elf since or before, they say she possessed an unshakable will which allowed her to oppose the desire to move on. What do I think? I don’t. I’m far too old to question Elf behavior. I have watched Falvir pass 1097 times since the Pilgrimage. Which if you’re reading this you probably know Falvir as the standard measure of the world’s passing. Falvir becomes whole and then vanishes eleven times before The Breath is restored and the snow melts while The Benevolent graces us with 42 Suns during Falvir’s life cycle.

Ah yes, the Pilgrimage. See, the ancient Elf whose name we never learned was there at our conception. When we first lurched forward from The Council’s hands onto the breast of Asdosoram. Her story isn’t mine to tell, go bother the scribes of Elf studies if you’re interested, but her life is important to all of us for so long as she walked Asdosoram we knew no peace. All of Asdosoram seemed against us, hordes of every living creature marched upon us, thankfully most were busy fighting each other, but the Council was wise, they built us expecting this. The Harvester visits us much sooner after we are born than most others, as unfortunate as it is we are blessed with a short youth. Generations of us melt away before our enemies could mature, we overwhelmed most with sheer attrition. Is this a good chapter in our saga? No, but it is one we can never escape.

It was only after she departed Asdosoram, the last elf to remember our coming, that the fighting ended. With the Pilgrimage we amazed the elder races. They watched our limbs fail as the Void revealed how ill we fare under his scrutiny and everyone learned.

So now Asdosoram turns, but I fear the worst lies within us, for I am sure that I am the last walking human who attended the Pilgrimage and still holds the values and lessons learned to heart.. The peace has lasted thankfully but the blood in our Northern brothers boils and tyrants seek to claim a domain of their own. I worry with my passing so too will pass our peace.
Unknown Scholar
First Breath


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